Interim Academy Board

Angela Folland- Head Teacher of St Nicholas Catholic Primary School 


Jo Flower- School Improvement Officer (Plymouth CAST) 


Debbie Horn- School Improvement & Performance Officer (Torbay Local Authority) 

Cathy Lowry- Head Teacher 

Helen Newman- Clerk to Governors 

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If you would like to contact a member of the Governing Body, you can do so by emailing the Clerk to Governors with the following email address:




The appointing authority for all our Governors is Plymouth CAST.  

Previous Governors- 2014 to 2017

Name                                                     Category                                     Term                                  

Mrs Andrea Medway-Lamoon          Chair of Governors                 Resigned -18/03/2015    

Mrs Rachel Robinson                       Parent Governor                     Resigned - 15/10/2015

Mrs Kate Wood                                 Parent Governor                     Resigned - 01/09/2015

Mr Daniel Davies                               Community Governor               Resigned - 07/12/2016

Mrs Hayley Mogridge                         Parent Governor                      Resigned - 07/12/2016

Mr Peter Smith                                   Staff Governor                         Resigned - 07/12/2016

Mrs Julie Corner                                 Parent Governor                     Resigned - 21/07/2017

Mrs Katrina Harris-Byrne                   Foundation Governor               Resigned - 21/07/2017 

Adam Tapp                                       Chair of Governors                    29th October 2017

Anne-Marie Clarke                           Vice Chair of Governors            29th October 2017

Alan Denby                                       Foundation Governor                29th October 2017

Patricia Ward                                    Foundation Governor                29th October 2017

Nicola Howkins                                 Foundation Governor                29th October 2017

Joseph Glen Van-Martins                 Foundation Governor                29th October 2017

Delphine Allen                                  Parent Governor                        29th October 2017

Andrew Pay                                      Community Governor                29th October 2017

Cathy Lowry                                      Head Teacher Governor           29th October 2017

Jodie Dashwood                               Staff Governor                          29th October 2017                      



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