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14 June 2016 (by sbond)

Cycling for everyone!

Cycling for everyone in Torbay Torbay Council and Two Wheels Tuition are committed to increasing the levels of cycling in the Bay and have something to suit everyone to help get you out there on your bikes. Bikeability Holiday Courses Torbay Council and Two Wheels Tuition will once again be running their hugely popular Cycling courses during the summer holidays at Torbay Velopark. These range from Learn to Ride, Bikeability Level One for age 6 and Bikeability Level Two, aimed towards school years 5 and 6. During w/c 01.08.16. there will be a Level One Bikeability session, a Level Two course as well as Learn to Ride sessions at various times throughout the week. Week commencing 15.08.16. offers a further Level One session and various Learn to Ride sessions throughout the week. Places are limited so early booking is recommended. If you would like further information regarding any of these sessions please email twowheelstuition@yahoo.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!