From September 2021 our LGB cover both  Priory and St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary Schools

Edward Finlayson - Foundation Governor

I have worked in the IT industry for almost 30 years and currently designing & building multi machine "stacked" software solutions for an international payments solution provider. I am what is commonly called a "returner" in Catholic circles having been away from the church for a number of years, and feel so honoured to been welcomed home with open arms into the warmest, friendliest and most faithful of parishes that I could ever have hoped for. Today, I am quite active in my local parish and help to organise two fund raising events each year. My wife and I have been together now for over 25 years and still happily married. I strongly believe that the very heart of the Church should start in school and the very heart of any Catholic school should be in the Church. to that end want everyone involved in any way way the school should be encouraged to be not just familiar with our parishes but comfortable within them, and the first step to that is becoming more comfortable and familiar with one another. There is not enough contact between these two vitally important community assets and I extend a personal invitation to everyone at Saint Margret Clitherow and Priory to feel absolutely free to drop in on any service, weekday or Sunday Mass at Our Lady, Star of the Sea on New Road and promise you a warm welcome and if it's Sunday a nice cup of tea and chat after. if we can extend and greatly improve the interact between School and Church we will improve the understanding within the Church of the challenges to and plans of the School as well as improving the Prayer and Spiritual growth of all, both in School and Church alike. 


 Jo Flower- ESM (Education and Standards Manager)                                Hannah Maskell- Executive Head Teacher 

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