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Welcome to the literacy zone!


Priory school’s literacy zone has been created to facilitate learning through fun activities, support home learning and to guide parents with age appropriate content relevant to the national curriculum. If you would like any further information about supporting your child’s literacy or have suggestions that you would like to share please contact Mrs Hannah Maskell by email- 


Research has shown that when children read for pleasure, they acquire, involuntarily and without conscious effort, nearly all of the so-called “language skills” that will enable them to become competent in literacy for life. They will become capable readers, acquire a large vocabulary, develop the ability to understand and use complex grammatical constructions, develop a good writing style, and become good (but not necessarily perfect) spellers. It is important that we embrace and model reading for pleasure in all areas of children’s lives as this is where good literacy stems from.




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The Parent's guild of how to help your child with spelling:


Click HERE to access a helpful document to help parents help their child with spelling.


The first hundred high frequency words

The second hundred high frequency words

The third 100 high frequency words



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