Our English Curriculum


At Priory, great importance is placed on developing life long readers and fostering a curiosity for vocabulary across the curriculum. Every child in our school is read to daily from the word go and our reading for pleasure texts follow the Pie Corbett Reading Spine and are planned across the year groups. In line with our Talk 4 Writing principles, the children spend time memorising text and dramatising stories. All children receive a daily reading lesson and follow the Accelerated Reader programme. All books are levelled in line with the programme and the children are carefully tracked to ensure that progress is rapid and any children who might need additional support, receive this swiftly. The children are encouraged to borrow additional books of choice from the school library on top of Read Write Inc books and those on the Accelerated Reader programme.



At Priory, we pride ourselves on our rigorous approach to phonics which follows the Read Write Inc structure. From week one in Reception, children are assessed and begin the programme. The children are assessed regularly and moved with groupings which best match their current level of phonological awareness. Children are grouped across the school and children are offered additional Read Write Inc interventions to catch up faster. 


From Reception up to Year 6, all children follow the Talk 4 Writing principles. Model texts are crafted to ensure that sequences are tailored to the needs of the children. Key vocabulary is identified and children spend time analysing the impact of vocabulary and the effect the text has on them  as both a reader and a writer. This initial stage is called the imitate phase. The children then work together and share ideas to create a class version of the text which allows them to rehearse grammatical structures and key features of the genre. Finally, the children take everything they have learnt and create their own version of the text. This is displayed on our Proud Author walls.



The children enjoy learning new spelling patterns in line with the No Nonsense Spelling Programme. Creative approaches are used to ensure the patterns stick and these are followed up at home.