Neptune Class


Our final week before the summer holidays is set to be another busy one!

Miss Berry is going to be playing some parachute games with us. These are fantastic for practising our listening and turn taking skills.

Tomorrow morning, we will be busy making sandwiches and preparing food for our teddy bears picnic in the afternoon. This is the treat the children have chosen to celebrate filling up our marble jar. Please can your child can to bring in a teddy from home for this? 

On Wednesday we will be going to church to attend the leavers mass in the morning followed by our board game afternoon. The children are welcome to bring in a game from home to play with their friends.  

On Thursday Willow (my dog) will be in school for the day. She is looking forward to listening to some of the children read and of course playing ball with them again!

Throughout the week we will be making our class scarecrow to enter in the St Marychurch scarecrow festival. We have decided to make Humpty Dumpty. Hopefully, he will be sitting on our school wall by the end of the week!

Many thanks for your continued support and I hope you have a wonderful summer break.






 Jupiter Class

We are now moving into our last week of the school year - how has that come around so fast? The children have had a fabulous year and have made such wonderful progress in their work and their attitude to learning. I am very proud of every single one of them and have thoroughly enjoyed our year together. 


This week, we are going to be doing some Maths and English revision sessions to remind the children of all of the skills they have learnt over the year. We are also going to be doing some experiments with plants; discovering what the role of each part of the flower is and how the water transportation system works within them. Due to the children exceeding the school's attendance target, we have arranged for them to have a board game afternoon on Wednesday after lunch. The children are invited to bring in a board game from home to play with their friends. Please could this not be precious, electronic or messy (e.g pie face).


It would be extremely helpful if the children could bring in a carrier bag to help them to take home any of their books, work and models that they have at school. 


My last day with the children is on Thursday due to being at an out of class event on Friday so I will give them all a huge squeeze on Thursday and will be giving them their holiday project. Mrs Drewitt will be in class with them on Friday and I will ensure they have a lovely last day together in my absence.


Thank you to all of you parents for your continued love and support that you have provided the children this school year and I look forward to seeing you all again in the Autumn term.


Mercury Class

Saturn Class

Our last week! We have lots of fun activities planned for the week. Please can the children bring a named plastic bag into school ASAP for all of their contents from their trays and other bits they will collect during the 

week. On Friday, we will be having a picnic. Any contributions of fruit, crisps, biscuits, sausages etc would be gratefully received. On Wednesday afternoon, the children have a board games afternoon. The children can bring in their own games from home but please name them. The game must not be electronic. I look forward to sharing the work of your amazing children at parents' evening and their achievements this year. Many thanks.

Earth Class