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Parental Information

Our school day runs from 8.40 am until 3.10pm which results in each child being in school for 32.5hours each week.

Medical Information

If your child needs to have temporary medication, and you wish for us to administer it, we would be happy to do so providing the medicine is prescribed and the parent/carer has completed one of our medical forms. Please click below if you wish to download a medical consent form for a prescribed medication.

If your child needs medicine that is not prescribed then you can administer this yourself in school time but cannot be administered by anyone other than a parent/carer.

We also have a policy regarding pupils with medical conditions. You can access this on our policies page under 'About Us' tab.

If your child has a medical condition then please click below to download and complete a medical form and hand into the office as soon as possible.
Travelling to School

We actively encourage a healthy lifestyle and therefore also encourage children to walk to school. If a child lives too far to walk, our school is situated in a scenic area and the car could be parked slightly further away from school to still enjoy a walk into school.

Car parking can be limited at Priory School. Drivers parking cars at the school, near it or dropping or collecting children at the school should at all times have consideration for the safety of pedestrians, other road users and the immediate community. In particular, the road markings near the school crossing should be observed at all times.

Visitors parking at the school should leave a note of their car registration number with the school office in case the car has to be moved etc.

There is regular contact with traffic police and the road safety officer who will talk to parents and children and provide leaflets and posters to display and send out.

Regular letters to parents emphasise the following:

  • Care of our neighbours.
  • Use of the crossing patrol instead of driving right up to school.
  • Not parking on yellow lines, zig zag markings.
  • Dropping children off at their gates then driving on to keep the traffic flow moving, rather than parking and waiting.
  • Please observe the voluntary one-way system - up Barewell Road, St Catherine's Road and out through Priory Road.
Personal make contact with any adult who continually parks in an obstructive way (by Headteacher or Site Supervisor). All comments by parents or neighbours will be followed up.

Parking is available in the church car park between 8.30am and 8.50am