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Term Dates and Attendance

Our school day runs from 8.40am until 3.10pm

Please note that our school policy says that non-attendance will only be authorized in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances do not include holidays. A request must be completed on the correct form which can be given to you or emailed from the school office. We recognise that it is often expensive to take a holiday during the school holidays, but it is important that you consider carefully the consequences of a term-time holiday for your child. These include:

  • Children may find it very difficult to catch up on work they have missed.
  • This may affect test preparation times and results.
  • Children who struggle with Mathematics and English may find it even harder to cope when they return to school.
  • Children may miss out on special projects or school trips.
  • Younger children may find it difficult to make or renew friendships with their classmates.
  • There are three periods when absences will not be authorized:
  • The first three weeks in September: this is a period when all children must attend in order to settle into their new classes.
  • For all children from the beginning of the summer term until the end of the National assessment time (31st June).
  • If a child’s attendance is below 96%.
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