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About Us

Our mission statement - We Honour God Through Our Actions

Make Priory Catholic Primary School a place where God's love for us is shared and nurtured by:

  • Helping all children and adults, in our School community, to live their lives based on the Gospel values
  • Recognising that all individuals have their own gifts to offer.
  • Creating a happy, friendly, family spirit within the school
  • Making space each day for sincere moments of prayer, reflection and worship.

Make Priory Catholic Primary School a place where the teachings of Christ can be seen and followed by:

  • Showing proper respect for each other, as Christ is present within us all
  • Promoting positive attitudes and behaviour;
  • Treating misdemeanours with justice and forgiveness;
  • Following Christ’s example and showing appropriate pleasure towards success, but also to be kind and supportive towards those with troubles.
  • Providing experiences through which children learn co-operation and respect for others.

Provide the firm foundations for successful lifelong learning by:

  • Valuing the individual qualities of each child and encouraging them to aim for their best in everything they do
  • Providing excellent and inspirational teaching that results in high standards
  • Providing a broad, balanced and extended curriculum based upon the needs and interests of our community
  • Showing we are a ‘learning community’ where the learning of adults and children is actively encouraged
  • Providing a safe and stimulating environment in which to learn
  • Helping children understand the world in which they live.
  • Listening to children and parents

Develop a partnership in faith building together with parents and the parish by:

  • Developing strong and positive links between school and home. Parents are the first teachers of their children.
  • Striving for good, positive, formal and informal links between school and parish
  • Being an active part of the faith development of our pupils, alongside parents and parish, by giving children the foundations of Love, Peace and Justice.