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Our Values, Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement:

We honour God through our actions
Our Vision

We are a family and are proud of all we achieve.

As a Catholic school, the Gospel values permeate and can be clearly seen in all that we do with the children in our care at the heart of all our endeavours.The school as a Catholic community embraces the key components of what it means to live a Christian life: Welcome, Worship, Word, Welfare and Witness, using these as a way of being a community and living the mission of the Church. Families of all faiths are welcome in our school and we find many send their children to us because they see the value in the Catholic ethos we provide. We recognise the benefits of collaborative and community work and seek to develop a more Christ centred society through our links with CAST and the local parish community.

There is a clear sense of belonging for children, their families, staff, governors and other members of the community. All members of the school community are confident, relaxed, happy and engaged in their own and other’s development recognising individual’s talents, gifts and achievements. Staff ensure pupils are stretched by outstanding practice and pupils grow academically, spiritually and socially.

We aim:

  • To provide the best and most memorable experiences for the children we serve;
  • To help them to achieve high and to aspire to ever greater heights;
  • To give them the skills to build on and expand their knowledge and understanding of a rapidly changing world;
  • To prepare them for life in modern Britain and the global society beyond;
  • To inspire in our children a lifelong love of learning;
  • To foster in them the imagination, independence, confidence and resilience to deal with life in a positive and productive way;
  • To maintain high standards of behaviour and high expectations where everyone feels respected.
  • To help them grow and learn together in the knowledge that they are loved by God.

We aim:

  • To ensure our academic and spiritual learning environments are of the highest quality
  • To foster a ‘learning community’ for all
  • To provide a place where all feel safe and valued
  • To create a space where God’s vision is realised to benefit all
  • To honour God through our actions